2020 EPG Summer School


== 2020 CLOSED CALL ==


The third edition of Energy Policy Group’s Summer School will be held between 23-25 July 2020, as webinars, with a focus on “Smart Transformation in the Energy Sector”.


The energy sector is undergoing deep changes. These days, maybe more than ever, young professionals who are studying, working, or are just interested in the energy field for its interconnections with the economy, society and environment, need a broader grasp of the sector’s modus operandi.

To this purpose, global energy trends and policy making processes need to be understood in their mutually influencing dynamics and assessed jointly with the energy sector’s greatest externality: climate emergency.

A significant attention will be given to decarbonization initiatives, while also focusing on the major role of renewable energy and its development over the years. The basics of the nuclear sector will be discussed, against the backdrop of the ongoing transition to a clean and safe power generation system. Transition toward a clean and safe power generation system cannot be addressed without discussing the risks and opportunities of the nuclear sector.

A through discussion of the oil and gas sector, with its challenges and prospects, as well as of alternative fuels (e-mobility, biofuels, natural gas and hydrogen) will be considered in order to initiate a dialogue about the future of transportation.

Special attention will be given to digitalization, smart technologies, energy efficiency and emerging products and services (demand-response and storage), while also considering requirements of sustainability and affordability.



The EPG Energy Summer School always strives to draw a balance between interactive seminars and debate sessions, led by reputed international and Romanian experts.



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== 2020 CLOSED CALL ==



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