The little smart-meter that could


Although the smart meter (SM) technology was developed in the 1970s, the large-scale rollout of these devices (basically, an electronic meter that also monitors and records the energy consumption, while transmitting the data in almost real time to the utility company) took place only in the 2000s, following the cellphone networks’ maturity in most of the developed countries.

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  • Radu Dudău is co-founder and director of EPG. He is Associate Professor of International Relations at Bucharest University. From 2006 to 2010 he was Deputy Director at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

    Radu Dudau, co-founder & director EPG

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EPG’s funding comes from a variety of sources, allowing us to maintain independence of research priorities and freedom from outside influence. Independence, professional integrity and objectivity are EPG’s most valued assets.
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