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România Eficientă is a multi-annual project (2019-2021) for the promotion of energy efficiency in buildings, with a robust component of public education, information and awareness, and a hands-on side of deep renovation of five schools across Romania.

The general objective of România Eficientă is to develop and consolidate a culture of energy efficiency. The project is constantly providing information and relevant papers in order to increase understanding on what energy efficiency in buildings means and on its numerous benefits.

Various studies, reports, infographics, and videos were promoted through multiple channels (the project’s website, social media, TV and radio, press releases, and media partnerships with energy journalists). The aim is to reach the largest audience possible and offer concrete advice in terms of energy efficiency.

România Eficientă is a complex program aiming at growing into a platform that engages any relevant actor about energy efficiency, from central and local authorities to policymakers, industry, academia, and think-tanks.

Starting in January 2020, concrete works of deep renovation will be carried out in five schools across Romania to bring their energy efficiency at nZEB standards.

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