About us

The Energy Policy Group (EPG) is a Bucharest-based non-profit, independent think-tank specializing in energy and climate policy, market analytics and energy strategy, grounded in February 2014. EPG’s regional focus is Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Basin. Its analyses, though, are informed by wider trends and processes at global and EU levels.

EPG promotes a technologically advanced, secure, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable energy system. EPG’s views are self-standing and science-based. It relies on the best available data sources, as well as on its own research into energy security and strategy, technology, markets, geopolitics and political risk.

EPG seeks to facilitate informed dialogue between public decision-makers, energy companies and investors, and the broader public. It looks at energy policies and their effects, at market events and tendencies, and at broader processes with economic, security, and environmental impact, in a consistently evidence-based approach.

EPG partners with national and international institutions (think-tanks, universities, research institutes, associations and foundations) in order to more efficiently participate in the construction of a cooperative, mutually beneficial, resilient, and community-friendly energy system in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Basin.

Through publications and public events, EPG endeavors both to study and disseminate knowledge about policies and processes in the energy sector, and to provide well-documented input to stakeholders and energy-decision makers.

EPG’s publications are available in the form of market and sectoral reports, opinion papers, policy briefs and analyses, strategic reports and geopolitical studies.

EPG’s conferences, roundtables, workshops and executive courses provide a platform for informed discussion and expert analysis of center-stage energy topics.

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