Summer School

EPG Summer School 2024

Established in 2018, the summer school is one of EPG’s flagship learning programmes, designed for students and young professionals to offer them a general overview of the fundamentals and current developments in the European Union energy and climate framework. Within the programme, participants are guided through the main pillars of EU energy and climate policy, as formulated by the European Green Deal.

To deliver the European Green Deal, there is a need for a set of deeply transformative policies for clean energy supply across the economy, industry, production and consumption, large-scale infrastructure, taxation and social benefits. To this purpose, during the summer school, energy trends as well as policy-making processes will be addressed in their mutually influencing dynamics and assessed jointly with the energy sector’s greatest externality: climate emergency.

Through seminars and lectures led by high-level international speakers, participants will explore critical questions on EU energy and climate policy. The summer school is also a great opportunity to debate, interact and build a sense of community that can afterwards facilitate a cross-disciplinary and cross-border collaboration to deploy the energy transition goals.

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