Whole-Life Carbon

Project Description

This project tackles the issue of embodied emissions in the buildings sector, more specifically the whole-life carbon approach for emissions reductions. Embodied carbon in construction materials, as well as emissions from other non-operational phases of a building’s life (such as construction and demolition) is a subject of increasing interest at EU level, and the recent revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) outlines the first provisions for Member States to account for embodied emissions in their building-related emissions reduction measures.

Given the novelty of this topic in Romania, this project aims to inform decision-makers about the incoming transposition of the revised EPBD, with a focus on the implications of whole-life carbon obligations. Through desk research and stakeholder engagement, including bringing together representatives from across the building value chain, it will produce an analysis of existing barriers and propose policy recommendations for incorporating whole-life carbon into Romania’s national policies for decarbonising its buildings stock.


  • Industry & transport decarbonization, Energy and resource efficiency, Emissions reduction pathways


  • 10/2023 – 09/2024

EPG Project Manager

luciana miu - epg


  • N/A


  • Romania


  • European Climate Foundation