What’s holding back large-scale renewable deployment in Romania?

Interest in renewable investments in Romania is back. It is now clear that renewable energy is the key to solving two of the main challenges currently faced throughout Europe: ensuring energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a net electricity importer and having faced stubbornly high electricity prices even compared to other EU countries, Romania stands to benefit greatly from further tapping into its renewable
potential. However, old barriers persist, while new ones have all but blocked investments. These barriers must be addressed to enable a true shift of gears towards a renewables-driven future at national level.

From the moment of the first investments in the renewable sector, some more than 15 years ago, Romania’s attitude and approach towards wind and solar energy oscillated between extremes: from one of the most attractive investment environments in Europe, to one dominated by unsurmountable political and administrative barriers. This volatility was only worsened by the two major challenges of the past years: the COVID pandemic and the Ukraine war, with its second front on the European energy markets.

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