The household energy market in Romania is in a process of liberalization. Or is it?

The adoption of a system that will allow a step-by-step liberalization of energy prices has proved to be an inspired measure, as Romanians would not have been ready for a sudden, direct shift to a free market.

The ongoing debates in the Romanian society on vulnerable consumers emphasize just that. By comparison, the authorities in Bulgaria opted for a full liberalization of the energy market in 2016.

Although about 30% of Bulgaria’s population can come under the definition of vulnerable consumer, the authorities preferred this option, in order to avoid a recurrence of past protests, caused by the increase of the energy price, actions that resulted in February 2013 in the resignation of the Boyko Borissov Government.

The liberalization effects in Bulgaria will most likely be visible in the following period.0F 11F 2 It is important to remember that in June 2012, the Romanian authorities released the official calendar of liberalization of energy prices.

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