EPG’s funding comes from a variety of sources, allowing us to maintain independence of research priorities and freedom from outside influence. Independence, professional integrity and objectivity are EPG’s most valued assets.

Research at EPG is conducted to inform public debate, not to advance any political or group interests. Our affiliated experts, drawn from Romania and abroad, with experience in government, industry and academia, may hold diverse points of view. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the affiliated experts’ publications on the EPG website lies entirely with the authors.

EPG may enter arrangements whereby an organization or government funds a specific research project. Any such arrangement or an arrangement beyond the payment of an EPG subscription is considered sponsored research. These arrangements shall not:

  1. Stipulate any predetermined result or policy stance, either personally or institutionally.
  2. Inhibit free dissemination of results of scholarly activity and research. Acceptance of confidential background information must not be allowed to affect the ability of investigators to openly publish all the results of sponsored research. Researchers may agree not to include confidential background information in publications as long as such omissions do not affect the overall scope of the research.