Radu Dudau, Co-founder & Director

Radu Dudău is co-founder and director of EPG. He is Associate Professor of International Relations at Bucharest University. From 2006 to 2010 he was Deputy Director at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). He graduated in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Iași. He holds a Dr. Phil. degree in Philosophy (magna cum laude) from Konstanz University (Germany) and a PhD in Political Science (International Relations) (summa cum laude) from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA, Bucharest). He was a Fulbright Fellow with the National Security Program at Harvard Kennedy School of Government (2011), a New Europe College Fellow at the Danish Institute of International Relations (Copenhagen, 2006) and an OSI/FCO-Chevening scholar at Oxford University (1999-2000). His main expertise focus is energy security and natural resource geopolitics.




Georgiana Marin, Analyst

Georgiana Marin is an Analyst within the EPG. Georgiana is a PhD student at the National University of Political Science and Administrative Studies where she is doing a thesis focused on regional security in Central Asia. Georgiana has studied at KIMEP University in Kazakhstan. She holds a Master Degree in History of International Relations (2012) and a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and European Sudies from the University of Bucharest (2010). Prior to joining EPG she has interned with the Romanian Govenment and 3Seas Institute.






Andrei Covatariu, Senior Research Associate & Summer School Director

Andrei is a Senior Research Associate and the Summer School Director at Energy Policy Group. As an Affiliated Expert at EPG, Andrei is involved in numerous projects and studies in Romania and abroad.

He is also the Head of Institutional Affairs at Enel Romania. Previously, he held several positions inside the company, such as Regulatory Affairs Manager, Digital Manager, Executive Assistant to the CEO & Country Manager, and Market Analyst.

Andrei is a Member of the Board of the FEL-100 community, inside the Studies Committee. FEL-100 is the community that gathers the most promising 100 young professionals in the energy sector worldwide, a programme designed and coordinated by the World Energy Council, in London.

In 2019, Andrei founded, a European think tank focusing specifically on water-related issues and their long-term effects on the European region.

Having extensive studies in both engineering and economy, Andrei’s interests revolve around the energy strategies, energy transition, energy poverty and geopolitics of energy.



Denisa Diaconu, Analyst

Denisa Diaconu is an Analyst at Energy Policy Group. She holds a Master Degree in Political Theory and Policy Analysis (2017) and a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences (2015), both from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration. In 2017 she spent a term at Karlova University in Prague studying at the Public and Social Policy Department. Previously to EPG, Denisa worked in several research projects for Median Research Center, CERGE-EI, and Innovation Research Foundation. Currently, her main interests span from EU energy policy to social and environmental impacts of energy supply.







Mihnea Cătuţi, Senior Analyst

Mihnea Cătuţi is a PhD candidate at the University of York and a visiting researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in Bruxelles. His current research focuses on the development of the EU energy polices, analysing areas such as the Energy Union, the liberalisation of the internal market for gas and electricity, energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources. In addition, he works as a graduate teaching assistant on comparative politics and energy policy at the University of York.

He is a graduate of the University of Bristol (Frist class Honours) and has a Master in European Public Policy from the University of York and the Central European University (Distinction). His experience covers a range of areas, such as civil service in Romania, think tank research in Bruxelles and academic work in the United Kingdom. He also has some volunteering experience in the NGO sector.