South East Europe Electricity Roadmap – SEERMAP


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The SEERMAP project (October 2016 – October 2017) focused on two crucial policy areas in the electricity sector of the West Balkan region concerning its long term energy development and decarbonisation path. One area is the potential of long term renewable deployment in the target countries. The other is infrastructure, with a focus on the necessary transmission network developments.

These areas were examined in detail with the application of state of the art energy sector models of the participating consortia partners (electricity and gas sector market models of REKK, Renewable deployment model of TU Vienna and the regional electricity network model of EKC) in the timeframe of 2050.

Local involvement in the project was  significant, with the local think tanks in each countries (Energy Policy Group in Romania), regional policy makers, regulators, representatives of TSOs and researchers. The modeling assessment was enlarged with the three EU members from the SEE region – Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

The main conclusions of the project are the following:

  • The high penetration of renewables in all scenarios suggests that energy policy, both at the national and regional level, should focus on enabling RES integration
  • National energy policy will have less influence on the future generation mix – it will be driven by market forces
  • EU and regional level policies should be incorporated in national energy planning
  • Stranded costs should be carefully considered in fossil generation and gas network investment decisions
  • Household electricity expenditure increase significantly in some countries, it may require new policy approach
  • Regional cooperation helps to handle SoS issues and reduce costs of decarbonisation

Additional details on the project available on REKK’s webiste – here.



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