RIGC 2020: The European Green Deal and the Future of Gas

The 3rd edition of the Romanian International Gas Conference (RIGC), a flagship annual English-language event of the Energy Policy Group (EPG), will start on November 23. The 2020 edition is conceived as an on-line series of events unfolding as a sequence of four webinars, from November 23 to 26. The backdrop of RIGC 2020 is the European Green Deal, which sets the continent’s economy on a uniquely ambitious track to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

RIGC 2020 will focus on the gas sector’s response to the European Green Deal and the implications of the post-Corona recovery on Romania and the region.

In this context, the gas industry will have to bring to the fore a convincing long-term decarbonization strategy, around the production and use of biogas/biomethane, power-to-gas, and carbon-free hydrogen, alongside the needed infrastructure – all ‘futureproof’ and at optimized costs.

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