Radu Dudau, Energy Policy Group: “The Government must intelligently manage the money from the Modernization Fund”

“A major challenge for the natural gas sector will come from the area of taxonomy on sustainable investment. Instruments such as the Modernization Fund represent a unique opportunity for the natural gas sector,” Radu Dudau, director Energy Policy Group, said during “European policies for the new economy” conference organized by EM360.

“The government must manage these funds correctly and intelligently. We have the chance of the modernization fund that we must use, so that the transition from coal to cleaner resources is based on natural gas. The institutional and government’s ability to use these funds intelligently is very important. It represents the last train for these transition fuels. The industry needs to understand that there are very harsh restrictions, but that there are also many opportunities and money that you can access by following new trends and abandoning conventional approaches.”

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