OUR-CEE (Overcoming Underperforming Renovations in Central and Eastern Europe)

Project Description

Public buildings, which are expected to lead the way in deep renovation, have been undergoing renovation for many years in Central and Eastern Europe but a significant proportion of these renovations is not achieving appropriate energy savings.

The project will identify the reasons behind underperforming renovations of public buildings and build capacity in relevant public institutions, both for upgrading these renovations and for avoiding these issues in the future. It will also pilot renovation roadmaps, including financing plans, for several public buildings in the project countries, and promote knowledge exchange with ongoing projects and between partner countries. The findings of the project will, inter alia, support the elaboration of upcoming National Building Renovation Plans.


  • Energy and Resource Efficiency


  • December 2023 – March 2026

EPG Project Manager

luciana miu - epg
Aura Oancea team - enpg


  • Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect, Regional Energy Agency North, Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités


  • Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland


  • European Climate Initiative (EUKI)