Natural gas in the Romanian energy mix

Author: Radu Dudău

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The strategic importance of gas Natural gas is the most important form of energy in Romania’s the final consumption structure.

In 2015, gas accounted for 29% of the total demand, followed by oil products with 26%, 19% renewable energy sources (RES) (including hydro), 17% coal and 9% nuclear energy. Gas consumption is almost equally divided between the domestic and industrial sectors – in the latter gas is used primarily in the production of electricity and as raw material in petro chemistry. The draft of the Energy Strategy 2016-2030, with an Outlook to 2050 confers natural gas a prime role in the coming decades as well.

In 2030, according to the projection made using the PRIMES model, gas will account for 26% of final energy demand which, despite a slight decrease compared to 2015, will still mean it is first. The relative decrease of 3% will be found in the increase of the RES share, which will reach 22%. By 2030, about 1800 MW of gas-powered generation capacity will have to be replaced, in order for the gas-based capacity pool to maintain its current size.


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