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Matthew Van der Beeuren

Research Intern

Half Romanian and half Belgian, Matthew Van der Beeuren is currently enrolled in the Master’s degree in International Energy at Sciences Po Paris, specializing in energy economics and sustainable finance. During an internship at the European Parliament, working on EU energy policy, he became avid to aid Romania in transitioning to a more sustainable energy future by means of strategic policy and financing mechanisms. His main interests cover the energy-debt capital markets nexus, with a regional focus on the MENA and Eastern Europe.

A graduate from Leiden University, he wrote his dissertation on the hydrocarbons and contentious politics in the Gulf Cooperation Council. He also spent a year at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman, learning about the energy markets and policies of Gulf countries. Having previously worked at the European Parliament and the International Energy Agency, he is currently pursuing an internship in sustainable finance at Natixis in Paris.


  • Energy and Climate Policy