Heat-pumps for Romanian households

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to provide input and generate discussion around role of heat pumps in Romania’s decarbonisation process and their role in reducing the demand of gas. This has become particularly important in the current energy crisis and represents a key option for reducing the dependence on imports of Russian gas. 

Romania’s positioning on the legislative files should be constructed around the purpose of decarbonisation of the energy system and of fostering the transition from carbon-intensive energy production to renewables through electrification, where heat pumps will play a particularly important role in replacing fossil gas used in the heating of households. 

Therefore, the objective of this project is aligned with ECF’s mission to help Europe foster the development of a low-carbon society and play a role in the mitigation of climate change. The project does also provide a charitable, educational, and public benefit.  


  • Governance and Policy


  • Oct 2022 – Jan 2023

EPG Project Manager

radu dudau 2022 - epg

Radu Dudău

Co-founder & President


  • Romania


  • European Climate Foundation (ECF)