Green Recovery

Project Description

The purpose of the grant is to provide input and generate discussion around the adoption of a green recovery following the coronavirus crisis. This green recovery should be constructed around the purpose of decarbonisation of the energy system and of fostering the transition from carbon-intensive energy production to renewable energy sources. The project does also provide a charitable, educational, and public benefit.


  • Energy and Climate Policy


  • June 2020 – March 2021



  • Romania


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The European Climate Foundation is dedicated to responding to the global climate crisis by creating a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions society by harnessing the power of effective philanthropy to support the climate community in shaping public debate and forging bold solutions.
The ECF strengthens European climate leadership at every level, from supporting local campaigns to informing EU policy making. The ECF’s institutional strengths and flexible funding allow it to act both as a steady partner and a nimble innovator. To effect lasting change, it is also essential that we coordinate our efforts beyond our borders. The ECF is part of a highly supportive global network to stimulate climate-related policy work worldwide

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Report: Ten priority areas for Romania’s post Covid-19 recovery: a focus on energy and climate policy

The post COVID-19 economic recovery represents a unique opportunity for setting Romania on a path of sustainable economic growth and for ensuring its competitiveness in a future decarbonised EU economy. Romania’s recovery plans should be designed to maximise the economic impact of the upcoming recovery funding, while simultaneously safeguarding national long-term climate ambitions, by focusing on future-proof investments and a smart regulatory framework, in line with the European Green Deal. The extraordinary circumstances of the newly available EU recovery funding that Romania can spend in following years make it imperative to identify key investment priorities, but, equally important, to also simultaneously pursue legislative, regulatory, and market reforms that can maximise the positive economic impact of the upcoming investments. This paper proposes a list of key issues that need be tackled as part of Romania’s post COVID-19 recovery strategy, structured in ten overarching energy and climate-related priorities.