Economic Recovery

Project Description

Report on Macroeconomic Impact of the Covid-19 crisis and suggest ways to restart the economy with an emphasis on the opportunities of the clean transition of the economy (i.e. towards decarbonisation in energy, transport, industry, etc.) and the wider context of the European Green Deal and also of the Digital Economy Transformation.


  • Energy and Climate Policy


  • 2020



  • Romania


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The European Climate Foundation is dedicated to responding to the global climate crisis by creating a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions society by harnessing the power of effective philanthropy to support the climate community in shaping public debate and forging bold solutions.
The ECF strengthens European climate leadership at every level, from supporting local campaigns to informing EU policy making. The ECF’s institutional strengths and flexible funding allow it to act both as a steady partner and a nimble innovator. To effect lasting change, it is also essential that we coordinate our efforts beyond our borders. The ECF is part of a highly supportive global network to stimulate climate-related policy work worldwide

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Report: Romania – The Macroeconomic Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis

This analysis attempts to provide a snapshot of the Romanian economy in the period either during or immediately after the end of the lockdown. It starts by highlighting the macroeconomic disequilibria which has been already present before the crisis and concludes by advancing several potential actions that would aid domestic economic recovery. One of the consequences of the crisis has been a change in structural demand. This highlighted the vast importance of digitalization for future economic growth. Domestic economic recovery policies would also have to be tailored in order to support the priorities laid down in the European Green Deal.