Code of Good Practice for Renewable Energy in Romania

The present paper comes at a crucial time in the country’s energy transition, to applaud past successes, highlight sector specific challenges and opportunities, and bring together public and private stakeholders united by one simple mission – creating a framework that is both climate friendly and economically viable, for the generations to come.

RWEA (Romania’s Wind Energy Association) compiled the lessons learned by a 10+ years mature industry to kick off a second wave of RES developments with a long-term vision in mind.

And this percentage share may increase in the years to come if, as until now, the pace of coal phase-out remains The country’s National Energy & Climate Plan (NECP) envisions an additional 6 GW of RES capacities needed by 2030, which in turn means immense economic opportunity and the birth of a national industry supply chain.

The Code of Good Practice follows three overarching goals:

  • to guide existing and potential investors in the journey of setting up wind and solar farms in Romania, from permitting and community engagement to grid connection and decommissioning;
  • to extend a collaborative hand to public authorities, suggesting ways to integrate the EU energy transition agenda into Romania’s national plans, benefitting the overall economy and future of our people;
  • to advocate for the variety of side industries that have room to develop in Romania and in this way attract new players to our national supply chain.

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