Coal Strategy

Project Description

In the context of the ambitious targets of the Paris Agreement and highly ambitious long-term decarbonisation goals expected to be set by the EU, this project analysed the potential for phasing out coal- and lignite-fired power generation in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania.

The project prepared a framework for a coal phaseout strategy to enable countries to minimise costs and maximise benefits of decommissioning certain coal power plants and connected mines. The strategic plan also assessed the energy security risks, including on the reliability of supply and the affordability of power generation after the phaseout, as well as an estimation of regional impact and necessity for investment.

In its position as national partner for Romania, EPG was active in preparing the necessary data for the modelling process and in the elaboration of the project’s report, especially concerning national policy recommendations


  • Energy and Climate Policy


  • 2020



  • Bulgaria, Greece, Romania


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The report builds on two main work streams: modelling the impact of the early retirement of some coal and all lignite power plants in the electricity sector in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania; and calculation of the regional and local impacts of an early coal/lignite exit based on NUTS 2 and NUTS 3 level regional data collection.

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