Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage: challenges and policy recommendations from the ConsenCUS project

Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) is increasingly in focus as a key contributor to reaching the EU’s net zero emissions target. However, major barriers such as lack of regulation and financing, low availability of CO2 transport and storage infrastructure, and low public awareness continue to pose challenges to the widespread deployment of CCUS technologies.

As EU policy begins to address these barriers, the ongoing Horizon 2020 ConsenCUS project provides learnings for additional, lesser-known policy considerations and recommendations for CCUS to play a meaningful role in the transition to net zero. The findings of the ConsenCUS project so far are summarised in seven policy considerations.

This policy paper was written as part of the ConsenCUS project, funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101022484.

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Luciana Miu, EPG Head of Clean Economy

Luciana Miu is the Head of Clean Economy at Energy Policy Group. She holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings from the Imperial College London. Before joining EPG, Luciana worked for the UK Parliament and for the British Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), as well as a consultant for Climate-KIC and London City Hall.


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