The term „unconventional” refers to hydrocarbon resources trapped in fine-grained, organic-rich sedimentary rock formations such as shale which, until recently, were considered uneconomical to develop. Advances in directional well drilling and reservoir stimulation, however, have dramatically changed this perspective.


The recent upsurge of unconventional oil and gas has been a transformative feature of the international energy system. Unconventional production can significantly contribute to the security of energy supply in many of the world’s regions, as well as to their economic development. At the same time, the rapid expansion of oil and gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing in North America has raised public concerns about potential environmental and health impact, especially in Europe.


The program discusses the manifold lines of impact of this revolutionary shift: strategic, geopolitical, economic, environmental, social, technological, based on scientific data. Special attention is paid to the prospects of unconventional developments in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Basin.


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