The use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power has seen an unprecedented increase over the last few years. RES can make a significant contribution to energy security and are, by and large, the most environmentally friendly form of power generation. Yet their economics, technical functionality, and reliability depend on a host of favorable regulations and subsidy policies, adequate conventional capacity to match load and frequency in the electricity system, and overall market tendencies.


The program keeps track of the relevant technological progress, policy framework, economic environment, technical adjustments and infrastructure developments that favor RES and their reliable integration in the national and regional energy systems.


The Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant: One Step Closer to Energy Storage of the Future

Published: 2016-01-25 16:21:50
By: Eduard Cristian Vasile
Ongoing Regulatory Uncertainty: A Short Analysis of Bio-fuels in the EU

Published: 2016-01-24 23:00:09
By: Aura Carmen Slate