Global economic growth is coupled with growing use of energy. As a strategic commodity, energy remains under continuous scrutiny from industrial, political and financial actors internationally. The major tendencies in global energy governance, the main technological breakthroughs and shifts, and the most consequential security hotspots are constantly included in EPG’s reflections and studies.

The program monitors transnational energy projects from a commercial, strategic, and geopolitical standpoint.



The Clean Energy Transition and the Geopolitics of Technology Metals

Published: 27 Iulie 2017
By: Radu dudau
Turcia da sah mat Europei pe tabla gazoductelor

Published: 26 Iulie 2016
By: Laurentiu Pachiu
Turkmenistan's gas hurdles: No end in Sight

Published: 26 Aprilie 2017
By: Marin Georgiana
Piata mondiala a petrolului in 2017: Contango sau backwardation?

Published: 25 Aprilie 2017
By: Radu Dudau
Laurentiu Pachiu, EPG Advisory Board Member, participated at the Emerging Tensions in the Black Sea and the Re[...]

Published: 22 Mai 2017
COP21, Paris: national contribution plans

Published: 2016-01-25 16:38:34
By: Radu Dudau
Va deveni acordul cu Iranul un "Obamacare" al politicii externe americane?

Published: 2016-01-25 15:16:43
By: Constantin Cranganu
A Stairway to (low carbon) Heaven

Published: 2016-01-25 11:31:52
By: Constantin Cranganu
South Stream Is Dead. Long Live South Stream

Published: 2016-01-25 10:07:59
By: Anca Elena Mihalache
Making Sense of AGRI's Future

Published: 2016-01-25 06:11:55
By: Anca Elena Mihalache
Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, Strategic Energy Partners for China, by Fabio Indeo

Published: 2016-01-25 02:19:14
By: Fabio Indeo
US Climate Change Policy in Light of the EPA Draft Regulation on Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Published: 2016-01-24 23:02:00
By: Anca Elena Mihalache
EU-Central Asia energy dimension: New positive steps for a Trans-Caspian corridor?, by Fabio Indeo

Published: 2016-01-24 23:00:44
By: Fabio Indeo
Iran's potential as Europe's alternative for natural gas, by Laurentiu Pachiu

Published: 2016-01-24 22:59:59
By: Laurentiu Pachiu
Russia's Use of Gas as a Political Weapon in the Ukrainian crisis

Published: 2016-01-24 22:59:14
By: Carolina Novac
Efecte de securitate energetica ale situatiei din Ucraina

Published: 2016-01-24 22:59:05
By: Radu Dudau, Laurentiu Pachiu
Resursele minerale, intre blestem si binecuvantare

Published: 2016-01-24 22:54:30
By: Radu Dudau
The Saudi Bet

Published: 2016-01-24 22:51:59
By: Radu Dudau, Anca Elena Mihalache
Geopolitica deal-ului energetic Rusia-China

Published: 2016-01-24 22:51:55
By: Radu Dudau
Roundtable: Interconnecting Europe - Natural Gas in Romania

Published: 2015-10-27 10:12:14
Masa rotunda: Este necesara schimbarea legislatiei romanesti in domeniul ONG?

Published: 2014-08-12 10:21:43
By: Radu Dudau, Laurentiu Pachiu
The Global Oil Market in 2017: Contango or Backwardation?

Published: 18 Aprilie 2017
By: Radu Dudau
The Hinkley Point Cautionary Tale

Published: 1 Martie 2016
By: Laurentiu Pachiu, Anca Elena Mihalache